From managing the thoughts occurring in mind to managing ourselves in the crowd of people, and running behind the time everyone needs something that helps to manage people or employees. Everyone has their own journey of chasing time and finding time to live the life as want. Not always and all get the taste of beautiful time. Even having money on one hand and a watch on another hand doesn’t mean anybody can control time and happiness. 

Being developing personality, clothing, manners why not use the technology that is around us to manage the place and people. 

Palgeo Geofencing Location-based Attendance App is something that every place, every boss, every employee, and of course every human who doesn’t want to control time but use it wisely.

Yes, Palgeo Geofencing attendance software is something that will make worth use time. This is not an ordinary Application. This Palgeo Geofencing-based attendance management is packed with numerous features that make work going easy. It consists of the latest technology Geofencing, Location-based attendance, Artificial Intelligence, Biometric Recognization, Faces Recognization, Advanced Task management, Live Location View, CCTV Integration, No Click Payroll, and many more. Get everything in one single Application “Palgeo”. 

Palgeo Location-based attendance app has been awarded as Time of Business for “Best Product Design and AI Innovation: 2021.” 

Palgeo Online attendance management system is unique in its own way of integrating the new technology and making it easily available for the one who values time and tech. 

What more do we get with Palgeo Location-Based Attendance App?

Nobody can know its worth if we don’t know how to use it that is time and Technology. Palgeo Employee attendance monitoring is a combination of both Time and Technology. 

  • Palgeo Employee attendance app enables Hireachy based management of employees with utmost ease. 
  • Advanced Task Distrubituion and management.
  • The app has both an attendance and No-click Payroll system
  • Don’t stand with one feature to mark attendance, Plageo has brought numerous options to mark the attendance.
  • Face Recognization and CCTV Integration are the most advanced feature for attendance.
  • Geofencing and Location Tracking of Employees.
  • Travel Check-In and Check-out for on-field employees. 
  • Allocate Task, Shift Schedule, or use push notification.

Every Palgeo Online attendance system Feature has its own uniqueness. Get what we need to manage the employee’s and keep track of productivity. 

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