Clocktos Success Story


Our software company was established in Chennai on April 9th, 1997, with a product research division to serve the educational sector. It is a joint venture with Best System Inc. of Japan and AGE Games Inc. of the USA.


Started a training division in 1998 under the name Clocktos Institute of Technology (PIT), ventured with Language Management International in Singapore and Low Associates Inc. in the USA.


To research and develop cutting-edge technological solutions, a prestigious R&D facility with a global perspective was established in 1999. Established the Portal Development and IT consulting Services Division, Ventured with Blue Sea Systems, Japan, and BANG ZOOM SOFTWARE INC., USA.


Started the Product Development Division, ventured with BSW Software Inc. of Japan, N. T. Technologies Inc. of the USA, and Reliance InfoTech Ltd. of the UK and Partnered with 6 top institutions in the region for classroom-based training.


Opened a development centre in Tokyo in 2001. A software project called Techno Trainer which acts as a virtual professor in classrooms has been released. Ventured with ISB Inc., Japan Daiei Information Systems Ltd., Japan, Tohuku Computers, Japan, Consulting Company, USA and Splash Technologies, Singapore.


An innovative education product called INSPRO PLUS with modules for transport, information kiosks, and SMS alerts was introduced in 2006.


Web-based education system INSPRO PLUS was introduced in 2007.


In 2008, a Centralized Self Intelligent control and alerts system named BlockBox was developed as part of INSPRO PLUS.


Face Recognition Access Control System (INSPRO PLUS) was launched in 2009.


As a module of INSPRO PLUS, a performance appraisal system with customization options for charts and graphs was released in 2010.


In 2011, the Controller of Examination Systems module was developed and integrated with INSPRO PLUS andlaunched.


In 2012, INSPRO PLUS with a Smart Card Access Control System was made available.


The INSPRO PLUS IVRS System for Parents Aerometric Alerts in Multiple Languages was introduced in 2013.


GPS and mobile apps for students, parents, teachers, and administration were introduced with INSPRO PLUS in 2014.


Clocktos integrated the advanced Mobile App and modules namelyi-Run, i-Patch, Info Kiosk, and Online Payment with INSPRO PLUS in 2015.


The Clocktos Education ERP has been launched in 2016 with comprehensive and user-friendly CRM features as well as a dedicated Call Centre to offer clients real-time support.


2017 saw the exploration and use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology in Clocktos Education ERP as a means of advancing in the name INSPROPLUS module.


We extended our capabilities in 2018 by deploying machine learning technologies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our ERP solution for advanced analytics and customer segmentation.


The year 2019 has been fantastic for Clocktos Software. We implemented Clocktos Education ERP software, reached 500+ institutions, and the achievement is still going strong.