Smart Technologies and Processes

Clocktos technology-enabled processes guarantee accurate and intelligent reporting.

Artificial Intellgence

AI will enhance its inner leadership framework, generate a better technology infrastructure, and thereby optimize business procedures in every single Institutions.

Machine Learning

Higher education needs to be improved to improve the experience of students, faculty, and staff. Although machine learning is the new revolution in higher education.

Business Intelligence

Effective teaching, communication, engagement, and careful assessment of progression can build a strong foundation for students’ success.


Cloud management technology gives you very good deployment possibilities. These include smart spaces, access control applications, mobile application, and ambient intelligence environments, among others.


With an RFID attendee solution, eliminate the need for manual attendance is eliminated. From class rooms to college entrance, RFID access control tags restrict access to only those pre-approved.


Biometric identification management technology gives you very good deployment possibilities. These include smart spaces, access control applications, mobile application.

Face Reader

Face Reader is the complete facial expression recognition software. Objective and unobtrusive observations. Face Reader automatically analyzes 6 basic facial expressions.Saving valuable time and resources.

Info Kiosk

By using Education Kiosk Application, schools and colleges have improved their efficiency by providing automated solutions for many different categories such as admission process etc.


With GPS tracking technology, easily track, dispatch and maintain school and college buses to ensure that each student is picked up on time and dropped safely.


Informing parents about examination schedules, events and notices. Report card of student, teacher remarks for assignments and achievement profile.


IVRS/IVR is becoming the imperative need for education line to maintain the proper administration. Notices , announcement , enquiries and other activities can easily be handled by using IVRS/ IVR system.


The student diary provides a mobile interface to the ERP of the institute so that the registered users can access the information anytime.


This option is enhanced for students,parents,staffs to share their comments and needs. customized features for private communication.

Smart Card

Smart each issued with unique keys to provide access to campuses, faculties and individual classrooms, are now a fundamental requirement.

QR Code

Clocktos ERP introduces QR Code enabled Digital Certifications for easy validation.