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Effective teaching, communication, engagement, and careful assessment of progression can build a strong foundation for students’ success. As an educator, you must understand that lack of any of these aspects can create a negative impact on student’s academics as well as personal growth. The best way to gain precise insights about the complete student’s academic lifecycle is deploying an efficient campus management system integrated with Business Intelligence or BI dashboards.

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most important aspect of an education ERP software integrated with BI is that it enables teachers to compare and map day wise, week wise, month wise and year wise progress of students. Apart from grades, teachers can keep track of their attendance as well. Less attendance may be an indication of lack of interest of students in academic activities or it may be related to any health issue. Teachers can simply speak to students with less attendance and figure out exactly what is troubling them. Everything can be done with just a click of a button.
BI analytics dashboard software can be customized and integrated in mobile phones of teachers. The purpose is to enhance the accessibility so that there won’t be any time constraint, the teachers can operate it at anytime and anywhere merely by login in with their specific IDs and passwords.