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Clocktos Education ERP is a collection of technology-driven business solutions that help our clients achieve their strategic goals. Clocktos has a strong ‘Centers of Software Excellence’ that customise and design solutions around individual client needs to further customise solutions. With 21 Unique Integrated Modules, Clocktos’ Insproplus Education ERP software provides customers with unrivalled business value.

Student Information Management

The Clocktos Student Information System manages and stores the academic and personal data of every student registered at the institution (single or multiple). The module allows students, parents, teachers and management to access

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Admissions Management

The Clocktos Education ERP software assists in simplifying and streamlining the complete admissions process. It assists management in enhancing the effectiveness of the pre-admission processes and in staff’s productivity in terms of maintaining, nurturing, and converting prospective candidates.

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Human Resource Management

The HR module has 13 sub-modules, including an automated staff attendance system, a staff information system, a payroll system, a system for managing employee leave, a system for monitoring employee performance, etc., as well as all types of report generation that satisfy all HR requirements and adhere to regulatory bodies like universities.

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Inventory Management

The Clocktos EERP offers several sub-modules for managing both hard and soft assets. The software’s support for the management of shared assets, depreciation adjustments, repairs, and asset improvements, in addition to a comprehensive procurement system, is its key strength.

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Examination Management

The robust exam system provided by the Clocktos EERP helps the exam controller generate hall, student, and invigilator allocations for all kinds of examination schedules by accepting flexible seating configurations. The software efficiently handles tasks such as course registration and approval, question bank management, exam attendance management, prompt mark entry, conveying results.

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Library Management

With the Clocktos Library Module software implementation, the printing and issuing of cards, barcode generation and printing, online reservation, issue, renewal, and return of books and periodicals, the cataloguing of books, and updating new arrivals are automated. Book bank management, journal management, and the generation of utilisation statistics and user statistics reports, among other things, are simplified. Existing data can be easily imported during implementation.

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Transport Management

The Clocktos EERP Transport Management Software Module has features to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of transportation services, with the help of GPS tracking for all app-registered vehicles, driver and student allocation, fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance recording, issuing travel passes, collecting transport fees, allowing parents to track their children’s travel, automated trip sheet entry.

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Accounting & Financial Management

The Clocktos EERP Accounting and Financial Management Software Module includes robust bank/cash master, ledger master, tax master, payment master, header master, etc. in order to improve the financial management of educational institutions. It is well integrated with various payment methods of fee payment, purchases, wages, hostel and other charges.

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Hostel Management

The Clocktos EERP Hostel Management Software Module comes with a Mess Master, a Building Master, etc. for paperless operations of the hostel. It is designed to store data about the hostel’s physical structures, the personal, essential academic, and health records of its residents, as well as data about parents and visitors, amenities, mess menus, and contact and non-contact attendance, payment, etc.

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Office Management
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Enquiry Management
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Communication management
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Feedback Management
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Fees Collection Management
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Learning Resources Management
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Our Prospective Clients

K-12 and Higher Education Institutions!!


The Clocktos Education ERP (EERP) provides a complete e-Governance architecture for all types of Universities. The software’s various modules assist in automating all processes, from admissions to alumni enrolment.

Affiliating Universities, other private, public, and deemed-to-be universities with several campuses find it more convenient to adopt the system because our EERP is developed to implement e-governance for multi-campus needs.

Hosting the software is possible on a campus server or in the cloud. In the first case, Clocktos provides an option to deliver white-label software and provides technical support to enable the University to further customise the applications.

The AI-enabled geo-fencing attendance tracking, admissions management for better lead conversion, smart timetabling and classroom allocation, accounting and financial management, examination management, hostel management, transport management with GPS-based vehicle tracking, etc. are successfully implemented in our client’s institutions.


The Clocktos Education ERP (EERP) is a completely integrated paperless e-governance system developed with advanced technologies that facilitates seamless data exchange between various departments, functions, and operations of a higher education institution. This helps to improve teaching, learning, and evaluation procedures and to manage students effectively across their whole life cycle. Data collection, storage, retrieval and reporting are made simple using our EERP.

Data collection, storage, retrieval and reporting are made simple using our EERP. Admissions, Fee Collection, Our platform integrates attendance, payroll, and several other crucial college operations for data sharing and improved governance, including the creation of crucial reports required to satisfy regulatory bodies like NBA, NAAC, University, UGC AISHE, NIRF, etc.


In the digital and internet era, schools in our country are under pressure to design and implement an education system that allows students to learn beyond the classroom walls. Important school processes such as timetabling, attendance, admission, transportation, fee collection, student health and safety management, assessment and grading, resource procurement and utilization, library, and many others can be automated by implementing a school ERP system.

Implementation of education ERP provides better access to technologies for students, teachers, and parents. Clocktos Education ERP software for schools primarily employs cutting-edge technologies such as RFID, biometrics, geo-fencing, face recognition, artificial intelligence, machine learning technologies, and so on for effective automation of school operations. As a result, academic and non-academic operation data creation becomes an easy task and more importantly, the stored data can be used for various types of performance analysis.

The Clocktos Education ERP for Schools is a fully integrated system created using emerging technologies that enable automated data sharing between various departments, functions, and operations. This helps to manage the entire life cycle of the student and transform teaching, learning, and evaluation processes for the highest possible level of quality.