Clocktos ERP Unique Modules GPS

We Clocktos ERP provide customized effective solution in GPS Technology. Currently we are providing GPS based Vehicle Tracking, School trip management, Personal tracking systems & solutions. The GPS driven vehicular tracking system designed and developed by Clocktos ERP, is another versatile diversification from its flag-ship commercial module catering to large transport enterprises moving essentially goods.

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Safety: Student safety is a major concern these days. By tracking school buses and notifying the estimated arrival of buses, student entry/exit & delay time notifications, School bus GPS tracking systems ensures the safety of the students traveling in school bus.
By installing Clocktos system on to the school buses, stakeholders can receive notifications when driver engages in unsafe driving, speed violations, detours, late arrivals etc and when driver is aware being under monitoring they tend to drive safe, slow and pay attention to the road safety rules thus avoiding accidents and speed violations.
Route Management feature in this system lets you to schedule the school bus routes and it notifies the Transport Manager if there is any misuse of school buses, detours etc. This way you can make sure that drivers stick to the schedule and cut down the fuel expenses thus improving the productivity of the school buses.