Attendence Tracking

Palgeo can help. With state-of-the-art features and an easy to use platform, our attendance tracking solution will give you the convenience and confidence of knowing that all employee hours are recorded correctly. Our system offers seamless integration, real-time visibility into all your staff’s activities, and reliable reporting tools that take the headache out of managing multiple locations or departments. Discover how Palgeo can make tracking attendance easier than ever before—read on to learn more!
1. What is Palgeo and what are its features?
Palgeo is an app-based employee attendance tracking software that makes it simple and effortless to keep track of your workforce. With Palgeo, you can access real-time information about employee attendance in the form of reports, analyses, and summaries.
2. How Palgeo attendance tracking can help your business?
Our attendance system can help you better manage the workflows and productivity of employees who are working remotely by providing information on their attempts to login, logout or take breaks. We also provide customizable options so that you can have unique settings to fit the needs of your organization.
3. Tips for using Palgeo for your business?
Our intuitive user interface makes it easy for managers and other personnel to understand how our attendance tracking software works. Finally, Palgeo’s automated notifications mean you will always know when an employee has missed a shift or been absent unexpectedly so that you can take appropriate action quickly.
Palgeo is the app you need to take attendance for your events and classes. It’s simple to use and it’s free! With Palgeo, you can track attendance via QR codes or manually, export data into a CSV file, send reminders to attendees, and more. Get the Palgeo app now and make attendance tracking a breeze.