It troubles Employees a lot if Attendance couldn’t be updated because of poor network areas. Most of the organizations face this. But, don’t worry. Palgeo Location based Attendance App is here with a solution which is absolutely very feasible and reliable for Offline Attendance.

Palgeo particularly ones which considers Employee Attendance as a critical parameter of its performance and a primary variable in the payroll process, it’s imperative that this data stays as accurate as it is, weather in networked area or not!

Our Employee Attendance Software research and technology are focused on both Online/Offline Attendance with employees deployed at mines, basements and other zero or minimal connectivity zones with zero GPS connectivity. It can upload the location based Check IN/OUT in network failure cases.

How Offline Attendance Tracking works-

1. Whenever Employee couldn’t update Check IN/OUT due to poor networks or GPS. Employees can feed the geo-location based Check IN/OUT on the attendance management system.

2. It will be recorded and automatically sent to the supervisor for the hierarchy based approval.

3. Check IN/OUT will be updated after connecting back to the networks, if approved by the superior as conditioned, on the portal of attendance system app.

Our employee attendance tracking software works in offline mode and attendance details will be recorded with actual location and time. However, it will need the internet to sync the data online later and attendance will be visible in the admin dashboard after successful sync and approval. It makes location based real time attendance available in Offline.

Hence, Palgeo made the Revolution of much secured and just simplified Offline attendance management system that has made everything easier for you. The smartest attendance system for all the Employees working in a Organization.