App-to-Web Linking with URL

Do your employees also get bored of managing their attendance and tasks by opening the same app every time? Do you also need an effortless process to do the same? Well, you are on the right platform then.

Introducing Palgeo Geofencing Attendance System An application that is developed for the entire processes of physical presence of in office, distributed or dynamic workforce that efficiently calculates and reports total number of hours/days worked without any manual process by leveraging multiple technologies. Palgeo evolution hours taking the process of marking attendance to an app based system. But now with technology transition it has made the entire process available through a SINGLE LINK only.


Single & Multiple Geo-Location Check IN /Check OUT Through face recognition. Palgeo Geofencing software enables you to create multiple Geofences within the campus.

CCTV Integration : Allowing monitoring Entry & Exit of Employees /Automatic Check OUT when Employees Exit do not Re-Enter within prescribed / Identification and Alert Notification for unauthorized person entry.

Dynamic Secured QR Check IN from assigned location for the Poor GPS.

Dashboard for overall status and Cart View for Individual Employees Generation of various MIS Reports for the total numbers of hours/days worked

M- Dashboard – Generation Staff Master, Multi Tech Attendance, Pay Out and Task Status with integrated Auto Pay Process.

By implementing this feature(access to the management system through a link), you can achieve greater app engagement from your users while also offering them a richer experience. If your app is not installed, your website is opened in the browser as usual. No more wait, even for seconds, to open the app and access the system. It could help address situations where your users may not get the best experience through the browser (e.g. on mobile devices or on desktop PCs where the app is more full-featured than the website).

Just a click and all the same features of Geofencing attendance management system will be available to you with PALGEO.