Palgeo Geofencing Attendance app renders both the employees and employers with mobile-based time clock apps. This is formulated with a goal, keeping in mind. Which is to improve the employee experience, in bringing more precision to the business time tracking system. Attendance tracking has always been a big deal for companies and organizations. It is a known fact that if the company is bigger there will be more trouble in attendance tracking.

Palgeo provides for work from home

As the COVID-19 pandemic made this fact obvious that works are not desk restricted. There are numerous other specialists who work out of the office. With many of them working far from the computer. In this scenario, the company needs to know when, where and for how long the employees were working. Palgeo attendance tracking system comes in handy in this situation. Palgeo caters to organizational needs.

• The app locates the employee’s present location (after the employee checks in). Near- Real-Time Attendance Software, what they do is they track and report the employee’s whereabouts regularly.

• The GPS technology integrated with the Location-Based Attendance App reveals which employee is closest to the next job site, so they can be assigned appropriate tasks to them.

• Both employees and employers can benefit from GPS tracking or Remote Worker Monitoring App. Several advantages come with it, including improved productivity and systematized work. Users can easily maintain hierarchical structures with this intuitive application.

Palgeo Geofencing attendance app also provides fieldwork Employee Attendance Tracking. With the Smart Attendance Management, each check-in and check-out conducted, if it has been logged in with smart face log-in during the working hours, it is recorded in the Employee Attendance App.

Palgeo also has CCTV cameras feature for security monitoring in Employee Attendance App which has been very popular recently concerning face recognition. As it saves time and effort and also the existing camera system can provide valuable evidence for quality assurance and human resource management tasks.

Palgeo geofencing attendance app provides quality assurance of Employee Attendance Monitoring as it gives information about the entrance and exit time of the employees. It helps in Employee Tracking at entry, exit, and re-entry within predefined times. Even unidentified individuals are identified as they enter

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