Clocktos Education ERP FAQs!

Multiple colleges can be managed using a single Clocktos Educational ERP system. It permits an individual academic institution to operate independently while providing senior management with a consolidated dashboard report. It is to be noted that every institution’s procedure like fee collection, attendance management, class management, etc. is unique.
Alumni services include alumni registration and approval, alumni meeting scheduling, alumni contact through SMS and email and alumni feedback collection with access to alumni and IQAC team members.
The process of implementing ERP involves installing the software, configuring the settings that apply to the institution, transferring student, faculty, staff, and financial data from the current system, creating users with roles as assigned by management, granting user access to the ERP system, testing, and end-user training for users on the ERP software. The whole process will take 45 to 50 days.
The Clocktos inventory management software provides institutions with a comprehensive view of their existing assets, as well as the ability to submit purchase requisitions, send purchase requests to respective registered vendors, prepare a consolidated comparative statement, approve and issue the purchase order, and payment approval. In addition, provision for asset coding, location tagging, shared resources tagging, and preventive maintenance scheduling for assets.
Yes – using integrated AI-enabled, mobile-based geo-fencing tracking and biometric-based tracking
Yes, we do it free of cost
Yes. Faculty, Class advisers, and HoDs can all keep track of the unit-by-unit curriculum transaction.

Clocktos gives you complete data ownership of the Institution. The institute has direct access to data that can be downloaded in an excel spreadsheet at any time. No one else has access to the data layer directly.

Yes, it is done fast using i-patch (a middleware developed by us)
Yes, it is done fast using i-run (a middleware developed by us)

Clocktos Education ERP can be implemented for all types of Universities including Public and Private Universities (Both affiliating and non-affiliating) and Deemed-to-be Universities, Government and Private Self-financing Colleges like Medical, Engineering, Nursing, Dental, Management, Arts & Science, etc., and Schools

Yes, it is a pre-request to complete leave application